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Identical to the old pack, it is the new packaging and the new alpha 100 pack (FR AND US version) with the new frequencies!

Combined GPS dog tracking and remote training device.

• Tracking the position of your dogs or your partners (20 maximum) up to a distance of more than 14 km
• Training: 18 levels of training with continuous or momentary stimulation, by tone or vibration (TT 15)
• Preloaded 1/100,000 TOPO map Europe
• Color touch screen compatible with wearing gloves
• Calculation of the speed and distance traveled by your dogs

To help you get the best out of your hunting dogs, the Alpha combines proven GPS dog tracking technology from Garmin with electronic training from Tri-Tronics. This integrated, easy-to-use portable system allows you to track and train your dogs in the field. Its maximum range is 14 km and its maximum update rate of dog positions is 2.5 seconds.

With the Alpha 100 you can track up to 20 exact dog or hunter positions on a large touch screen (operable with gloves), even when they are out of sight.

Track and train 20 dogs.
On the compass screen, view detailed information about the speed, direction of travel and distance of the dogs you have selected. You can correct any dog on this screen, without mistakenly correcting the others.

Immediate statistics.
Get the information you always need, such as your dog's status (moving or stopped/waiting under a tree), distance from the Alpha device, total distance traveled, speed and update frequency; all on one screen.

Keep your dogs away from dangerous areas.
Don't wait until your dog is lost or in danger to bring him back. Configure virtual boundaries on your map and receive an alert if it moves away from your virtual guard zone; you can then call it back immediately.

Track and train your dogs.
Track and train your dogs based on where they are using BirdsEye satellite imagery. These highly detailed raster maps provide a realistic view of roads, parking areas, buildings and terrain, including tree lines, lakes, rivers and streams. They are a great way to supplement the detailed topographic maps on your Alpha.

Keep your dogs on track.
On the training screen, you can train and recall multiple dogs (with additional T5 and/or TT15 devices) using Tri-Tronics' electronic training features. Select traditional or linear progression as well as tone or stimulation types.

Maintain contact with other hunters.
Find out where the hunters in your group are. Set your Alpha to show not only the dogs in your party, but other Alpha devices as well (up to 20 T5s and/or TT15s or Alpha units. Not compatible with Astro).

Contents in the pack:
• Alpha 100 portable GPS
• Lithium-ion battery, rechargeable and user replaceable
• Belt clip
• Necklace (colors according to arrival)
• Extended Range Antenna
• Tri-Tronics 15 with orange collar
• Charging clip
• AC adapter
• Cigarette lighter cable
• Dual adapter cable
• USB cable
• Set of short and long electrodes with mounting key and protective cap
• Solid transport bag
• Manuals

Remaining warranty 18 month

Pack Garmin Tracking & Dressage Alpha 100 Remote Control And Tt15 Collar

Collar Color
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