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The 100% waterproof DOG GPS X30T is a 3-in-1 device without subscription! Combining GPS, location beeper and training!

It is both a device used to locate but also train your dog(s) up to 20 kms away. In addition it is equipped with a beeper which emits an audible sound up to 300m.

The ultra-precise GPS can monitor up to 13 items, dogs (requires purchase of 13 collars), hunters and/or waypoints. Tracking can be done either with the compass system integrated in the orange box but also with the application on smartphone or tablet with the geolocation of the elements sought on a map (dogs, hunters, places of destination). The transmitter acquires its position from the GPS satellites and transmits the position information to the manager's receiver using a radio frequency (RF) signal. The receiver can be connected wirelessly to a mobile phone or tablet (Android) and all paired devices can be viewed using the Dogtrace GPS app on the map. The receiver display can also monitor RF signal strength, GPS position accuracy, transmitter and receiver battery status.

This kit also allows you to train one or more dogs up to 20 kilometers away with 15 levels of electrical stimulation. Comes with 2 sets of contact point, 2 pieces of 10mm and 2 pieces of 17mm.

Finally, the collar has a beeper function which allows the dog to be located up to 300m away.

Features :

• Display readable by the receiver in direct sunlight and in the dark

• Fully waterproof receiver and transmitter

• Allows to see all devices (dogs, other handlers, waypoints) on the map

• Ability to view maps online and offline

• Indication of dog barking with history on the map

• Long battery life (over 40 hours), receiver and transmitter are rechargeable

• 2 acoustic signal modes (silent / loud)

• 15 stimulation levels

• Light mode to recognize the dog in the dark

• Channel switch for communication between transmitter and receiver

• Compass function

• FENCE function, acoustic limit to define the area for the dog

• BEEPER function, detection of movements / position of the dog

• Waypoint function, ability to store up to 13 receiver coordinates, ability to navigate to these points

• CAR mode, mode for using the receiver (handheld device) in the vehicle

• Receiver quick start (handheld device)

• The smallest and lightest (248g) collar (transmitter) of competing devices

• Easy to use

• Receiver is compatible with X20 transmitters (only some features are limited)

• Fluorescent orange color of the case and collar so as not to lose them during hunting actions.

• Download the "Dogtrace GPS" app for Android from Google Play.

Additional Collar Dog Trace X30tb

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