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Here is a new range of bivvys that will create a real revolution in the world of fishing! Frontier bivvies have been developed over the past 5 years and nothing has been left to chance, exploring every avenue to achieve the perfect shelter. The unique central hub system allows for ultra-fast set-up while the specific structure and shape of the aluminum frame allow for a useful volume and a ceiling height optimized for a bivvy of this type. We used the extremely reliable and popular Ven-Tec fabric, with a khaki green finish enhanced by the Fox camo color of the nets. These Ranger bivvys are therefore ultra reliable and have a superb look.

Features :

• Larger footprint and height than Frontier and Frontier X

• Internal space equal to that of the Frontier X once the internal chamber is installed

• Khaki Ven-Tec fabric with “Black Out” laminated lining

• Hydrostatic head 20,000mm

• Unique tensioning system ETS (Easy Tension system) with reinforced aluminum skeleton

• Easy and quick assembly and disassembly

• Lightweight aluminum frame

v High and straight rear wall for increased ceiling height and useful volume

• Molded elbow joints ensure perfect alignment of frame sections

• The elbows are equipped with attachment points for the roof cap

• The frame can be moved further from the ground to reduce the height

• Four camouflage-coloured mosquito net panels, one on each side and two on the back

• Mosquito panels can be opened from the inside

• “All weather” anchor points allowing air circulation even in rainy weather

• Solid front panel with Three door options provided: solid panel, transparent and camouflage screen

• The solid panel has two camouflage screen windows, one on each side of the door

• Four internal storage compartments, two front and two rear

• Central ring for hanging accessories (lamp)

• Attachment points for internal chamber

• Tension straps

• Anchor points for lashing ropes, ropes provided

• Floor mat with extension for the entrance

• Reinforced storm poles with cam lok locking system

• Transport bag with double zipper

• 100% polyester

• Shelter 1 person +

Fox Frontier Xd Bivvy - 1 Man

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